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StartupGoa.org | A story about Goa's community platform for startups

Goa is better known for its relaxed life, but you'd be surprised to learn that it is fast emerging as a hotspot for tech & product startups and the little community driven platform, StartupGoa.org has witnessed its growth from the early days.

Meet StartupGoa.org, a grassroots initiative to sprout tech companies from Goan soil that connects founders, tech talent and investors in Goa through a free job board, a newsletter with 17,000+ readers, tech meetups & plain old beer.


The vision for Startup Goa was clear: to build bridges between those that want to build, and those that can help them do so, in Goa. Back in the early days of tech in Goa, meetups were not much of a thing and tech was limited to offshoring companies and a few web design agencies.

With its immense potential and a very high quality of living, Goa boasted everything a place would need to become a hub for startup activity for inspired entrepreneurs. However, with an IT policy that never really, um, started up, our local entrepreneurs found mentorship, talent for hire and funding to be lacking. (Goa now does has an IT policy thanks to the dynamism of Ameya Abhyankar!).

“The seed of the idea for Startup Goa came through a conversation with my high-school classmate, Caslino Pereira", says Luke Sequeira.

"It was very difficult to find mentorship, to find frameworks or to find anything for that matter. We were reading about all these incredible things happening in the metros and in silicon valley, but we didn't really know where to start. There was nothing really out there to build a company, so you were doing it all by yourself, figuring it out. And for a bunch of curious twenty-year olds, it was an exciting time. The problem was, we didn't know the rest of the bunch..”

Startup Goa formed (or better, emerged out of the nothingness) in late 2011, as a simple blog. Since there was no platform where the startup community could connect at that time, the idea was to create a free platform that woul