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Step off the beaten trail this July in Goa with Soul Travelling

Looking for fun things to do this monsoon season?

The folks at Soul Travelling specialize in just that, offbeat tourism. They organize unique experiences to keep you both entertained and informed while in Goa by introducing you to the local community, culture & other travellers alike!

"We plan to change the way people perceive travel and while doing so, break the myth of the notoriously popular concept of what Goa is, and give them instead some of the most local experiences steeped in history and full of the true Goan flavour. 

We believe that the best way to learn about the culture, the stories, and the history of a place is to walk through it. We've realized that today's youth are losing touch with their cities, villages, and towns. Our purpose is to connect the places with the people, and to give them an experience they will never forget."

Soul Travelling offers both a rotating calendar of events as well as outings upon request. This month, they are starting off with a series of weekend walks ranging from The Tavern Trail in Panaji on Friday evening, July 5th, through to a Rains of Rachol village walk on Sunday afternoon, July 7th, as seen in the poster above.

For an updated list, prices & location details - head on over to their website here. And be sure to follow them on Instagram @soul.travelling for daily insight into Goa, tidbits from past events and the latest news of things to come!

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