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The Clematis | Candolim

Highlights: Candolim, Serves Non-veg, Alcohol, Swimming Pool

While Goa is filled to the brim with resorts and hotels keen on giving a tourist a glimpse of luxury, Clematis goes a step further and spoils the tourists silly by offering one of the best services in the market.

Clematis, situated in the calm locales of Candolim offers a quaint and peaceful atmosphere to escape to. We were blessed with a beautiful Aqua Suite adorned with Egyptian cotton sheets and a large rainforest shower to pamper you silly. Clematis, with the large and spacious seating area and a humongous Gazebo spot made it the perfect retreat to escape from the harsh realities of the world.

A romantic outback for the kindling souls, Clematis goes to delightful lengths to make your stay worthwhile. Want to spend a lovely evening with your truly beloved? Clematis will garnish your tub with rose petals and embellish the room in soft candlelight to set the mood for the evening! A swimming pool, too, is at your disposal for the ones seeking to cool themselves off under the afternoon sun.

The bar offers an array of drinks for the thirsty soul, and the prompt service guarantees you are never left unattended. The menu though, is overwhelming with almost all the cuisines at your disposal. Maybe a specialization of a certain type of menu might do the trick for Clematis.

Clematis, with the sun and the sand is a sight to behold. Cradled amidst a throng of coconut trees, you feel at ease with oneself without any qualms about the comfort or solace. Rest assured, you will be sitting in the lap of luxury at Clematis without any worry in the world!

Updated location photos sourced via Clematis Goa website.


The Clematis Goa

Website | Contact | +91 93116 41128

Location | H.No. 280A, Aguada - Siolim Rd, Dando, Baman Waddo, Candolim

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