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The Clematis | Candolim

Highlights: Candolim, Serves Non-veg, Alcohol, Swimming Pool

While Goa is filled to the brim with resorts and hotels keen on giving a tourist a glimpse of luxury, Clematis goes a step further and spoils the tourists silly by offering one of the best services in the market.

Clematis, situated in the calm locales of Candolim offers a quaint and peaceful atmosphere to escape to. We were blessed with a beautiful Aqua Suite adorned with Egyptian cotton sheets and a large rainforest shower to pamper you silly. Clematis, with the large and spacious seating area and a humongous Gazebo spot made it the perfect retreat to escape from the harsh realities of the world.

A romantic outback for the kindling souls, Clematis goes to delightful lengths to make your stay worthwhile. Want to spend a lovely evening with your truly beloved? Clematis will garnish your tub with rose petals and embellish the room in soft candlelight to set the mood for the evening! A swimming pool, too, is at your disposal for the ones seeking to cool themselves off under the afternoon sun.