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The Konkan Fruit Fest 2014

A tribute to all of your favourite Goan fruits | May 20th to May 22nd

Because who doesn’t love a little fruit in the morning, afternoon, evening and every hour in between. Of course we all know Goa as being famous for its mangoes this time of year, but how many of us are truly aware of just how vast a state this really is when it comes to its locally grown produce.  Surely vast enough to warrant a fruit festival it seems. So while we’re all complaining that the incoming rains are cutting down our hours on the sun bed, why not take a break from the beach and head inland to experiences something a little more local.  And sample some of the best freshly picked fruits, juices, pickles, wines, and more while you’re at it.

Currently on at the Margao Sport Complex, the Konkan Fruit Fest is Goa’s yearly festival celebrating the vast diversity of local fruits found across the region. This year’s highlight in fact being on the Kokum as apposed to the usual Alfonso mango. A common fruit that while being quite sour in flavor is one of the key ingredients in nearly every household fish curry recipe.  Not to mention it is said to be a brilliant fat burner and great for digestion, often being made into a juice and served after your daily thali dish. Visitors can also look forward to workshops, tutorials, and the odd contest while browsing the abundance of goodies found in every booth.

And so what else does one learn at a Goan Fruit Fest asides from that there are far too many species of mangoes to ever keep track of?

That such a thing as Mushroom wine exists.

That the heap of compost being sold at Rs.20 a bag was in fact made from the wet waste from my own building complex.

That there is a young group of activists organizing frog hunts around South Goa.  And no, they are not hunting frogs, but rounding up volunteers for night runs in order to chase out the idiot hunters risking the frogs extinction themselves.  Sounds exciting no?!

Oh and most importantly never to try sneaking a little taster from the display fruits. This guy will be sure to catch you mid act and he doesn’t hesitate to blow that little whistle of his for all to hear.

Whether a visitor or a local, taking a little time out of your day to stop in at such an event can truly open your eyes to a whole new side of the community around you.  It can also end up teaching you a lot more about the place you’re in than you’d ever expect as well. And really, who doesn’t want to spend a day admiring and marvelling at the magic of fruits now and a again. For more information be sure to visit their website and tune into to they Facebook page for daily updates, contest details and more.

Open | Tuesday May 20th to Thursday May 22nd | 10am to 9pm

Held at the BPS Sports Club Margao | Bernardo Peres da Silva Road, Pajifond, Margao, Goa 403601

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