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Top 5 places to get dosa in Goa

It may not be a Goan delicacy but one simply cannot deny the true brilliancy and deliciousness of this South Indian dish. So whether you find yourself in the south, central or northern regions of the state, we've got just the spot you need to stop.

1. Sanyog | Panjim

Without a double the best dosa in town, Sanyog's pure veg restaurant is located just up from the FRO building in Panjim and is our go to place in the city. Sit down stairs for a quick bite or head up to the air conditioned and dig in to what we guarantee will be your new favourite dish. We strongly suggest the Mysore masala dosa followed by a hot cup of their special tea.

2. Hotel Preethi & Srushti’s Canteen | Benaulim

Both serving more Karnataka style dosas and occupying small unassuming shops with just a handful of tables, these two eateries may not look like much but are in fact cooking up some of the best food in town. Srushti’s can be found around the corner from Kadar Supermarket in a bight orange shop. While Preethi's is located at the opposite end of town next to Coffee Stop on the south end of Benaulim's main road. Their dosas are the perfect mix of crispy and soft, packed with flavour and all very reasonably priced.

Take them plain, masala, heck with an omelette, however you like! Just get there and we promise you won't be disappointed.

3. SouthI | Candolim

For a slightly more upscale experience, head straight for SouthI (pictured above) in central Candolim. Ran by the same group as Banana Leaf in Mumbai, SouthI's menu is full of delicious, quality options and of course, authentic South Indian dosas. Need proof? Read up our restaurant review for SouthI here.

4. The Dosa & Thaali House | Agonda

If you've ever finished your dosa and wished you could have another for dessert, wish no longer. The Dosa & Thaali House in Agonda is offering exactly that, and more. First off their classic dosas are by far the best in town but to top it off they also have everything from chocolate dosa, coconut dosa, fresh fruit dosa, ice cream dosa, all along side their savoury options. Oh and plastic tiger print table clothes.... reason enough to go right there.

5. Kerala Cafe | St. Inez, Panjim

Looking for simple south Indian flavours and authentic Kerala cuisine? This nondescript spot on the main St. Inez - Taleigao road is just what you need. In addition to dosas, they offer delicious veg & non-veg options, appams, puttu, filter coffee and more.

Honourable mention...

Navtara | Locations across Goa

Now, while they may not make our top 5., Navtara is still worth mentioning. With locations across Goa, they may not be the best of the best but they are incredibly consistent. They have an expansive menu, are open all hours of the day and honestly have a pretty darn good dosa. Their panner dosa is by far our favourite but the paper dosas, rawa dosas, Mysore dosa, are all good options.

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