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Waterfront presents ‘The Pan-Asian flavours of Kebab’

This monsoon the Waterfront Terrace and Bar, the all day dining multi-cuisine restaurant at the Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, is presenting  ‘The Kebab Festival’ over two phases from the 16th to 20th of June and the 23rd to 27th of June offering unlimited kebabs with a delectable dinner buffet.

The Goa Marriott is one of the most strategically located resorts in Panaji boasts a beautiful waterfront view of the Mandovi river, luxury level accommodation and service with a timely blend of modern and heritage feels. The Kebab Festival is their way of showcasing the vibrant and tantalising flavours of the Indian subcontinent along with a buffet featuring favourites from all over the Goan coast and Konkan areas.

Usually, Kebabs are made in the ‘Indian Tandoor’, a traditional clay oven heated by charcoal, but Chef Pavan, Executive Chef at Marriott, has gone the extra mile using other Indian vessels like the Legan, Tawa and Kadai to curate a special kebab extravaganza. Tender meats, Potato and Paneer infused with Indian spices on skewers make up the menu catered to meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

The Kebabs

On to the main event, the first of many delicious kebabs featured for the festival is the Chicken Russian Kebab, a kadai kebab made with shredded chicken marinated with green chillies, yellow chilli powder and ginger, coated with ‘sev; and deep fried. This kebab gets its odd name due to the British not being able to pronounce certain Indian words during the old days of the Raj.

Another kadai kebab is the Seekh Nilofari made of Lotus stem and cottage cheese flavoured with mace and pepper fried until golden brown. Following that is the Lagan ki Boti, tender cubes of Lamb cooked with homemade garam masala, pepper and brown onions in a legan. The legan is an Indian utensil called the Handi in which the kebab is slow cooked or sauteed to perfection.

The next legan kebab is the Vilayati Subzi which contains English vegetables tossed with cumin, cream, yellow chilli powder and olive oil, finished in the handi. Rounding up the plethora of kebab styles on the menu is the Tawa kebabs, grilled on an Indian flat plate. The first of these is the Gosht ke Galouti is a tender lamb minced kebab infused with cashews, chilli, rose water, saffron and onion. This kebab once grilled is an explosion of melt in your mouth flavour in every bite.

Next up is the Doodhiya Kebab, a paneer escalope sandwich with spiced potatoes, processed cheese and tomatoes crumbed and fried. This is followed by the Pattar ke Kebab which is made with lamb slices marinated with black pepper, garam masala, red chilli and herbs grilled on limestone.

The final kebab on the list is the Harabhara Kebab, a spinach and green chilli cutlet minced with gram flour and stuffed with Mawa, cashew nuts and pan fried.

This exotic menu with its host of kebabs and other dishes are sure to be a hit with patrons and Indian Cuisine lovers.

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