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Welcome to the Susegad Book Club

Don’t just read in Goa. Discuss!!!

No matter if you are new to Goa or lived here all your life, if you love reading, books and meeting other bookworms, you just found your new home!

The Susegad Book Club started on February 1st, 2020 and meets twice every month: on the first Saturday and the Sunday two weeks later thus making sure you find a slot no matter your work and family commitments.

The Club’s current membership is as diverse as Goa’s population: ladies and gents, Indians and expats, everyone from college students to mothers, Hindus, Muslims and atheists…

Everybody is welcome! What connects them is their shared love for everything books.

Everybody can offer suggestions regarding what the Club should read next. The overall focus is on fiction and a balance between Indian and foreign authors. Those who have attended at least one meeting get to vote on the final books that will be read.

So far SBC has read a variety of books including Indian new-comer Amrita Mahale with “Milk Teeth” and international bestseller “My Sister, the Serial Killer” by Oyinkan Braithwaite. The Club even had the pleasure to have author Srishti Chaudhary join the hangout of her book “Once upon a Curfew” for a Q&A session.

In times of Corona, the Susegad Book Club goes virtual!

Susegad Book Club had just completed their third meeting when Corona came along. The subsequent lockdown in Goa meant no more physical meet-ups in cafes. However, no better way to use one’s time sitting at home than to read and as the regular meetings had become quite popular and felt even more important in times of social distancing, SBC decided to take the book club online. Since the first virtual meet-up on March 22nd, SBC is hanging out in Google Hangouts and is planning to continue the same until the lockdown and social distancing rules have been relaxed, or even continue with the option of calling-in if you cannot travel to the meeting.

To know more about past & future reads of the Susegad Book Club and to find out when and where the Club meets next, be sure to follow them @susegadbookclub on Instagram & Facebook.


A big thank you to Susegad Book Club co-founder Tatjana of @craving_expat_life for creating this platform and providing us with all the information & imagery for this post.

Happy reading!


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