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Why is Patnem Beach unarguably the best place to be in Goa?

If you ever ask a Goan or any local in Goa to suggest you some peaceful locales in Goa, you’d keep getting multiple options of serene beaches in South Goa. It’s known. Beaches in South Goa are very quiet and beautiful that it gives you the much needed peace of mind in an instant. Once such beach is the Patnem Beach in Goa. As the very popular Palolem Beach’s lesser-known and quieter sibling, Patnem Beach has a whole white sands and crystal clear waters that almost seems untouched. It is hands down one of the most peaceful places to swim, surf and soak up the sun, here in Goa.

Want to know about the attractions, hotels, restaurants and more around this sunshine paradise called Patnem Beach? Let’s dive right in!

How to Reach Patnem Beach in South Goa?

Traveling to Patnem Beach may consume quite a time depending on which day and season you plan on making this trip, because of the unruly traffic.

By Bike or Car

The best and most adventurous way to reach Patnem Beach will be on a personal vehicle. Like we told you earlier, South Goa has some of the most amazing looking locales that can be best enjoyed on a bike/car. After reaching Margao, you can rent a vehicle from any local rental shop near the Bus Stand. In case if you’re planning to convert it into a road trip from the capital city Panjim itself, then here’s Car rental in Panjim to make your job way easier.

Once you’re good to roll, use this Road Map and start on your hour-long journey towards the beautiful Patnem Beach.

By Train

An easy way out is to simply take a local train to Canacona Railway Station from the station nearest to you and then opt for a taxi or a Bike pilot from there.

From Canacona Railway Station, it just takes a 10 minute drive in a taxi or an auto which might cost you nothing over 100 bucks.

Find the list of trains to Canacona Station over here.

By Bus

If taking a train is out of your time schedule and renting a bike is out of your budget, then go the old school way. There are frequent buses to Palolem-Patnem-Agonda from the main Margao Bus Terminal. So hop onto one which suits your plan and you will reach Patnem Beach in around 1 and half hour max.

What to do on the Patnem Beach in Goa?

Be a beach bum

We all need some oceanside relaxing, salty swims and sunshine in our life (and maybe a beer or cocktail to wash it all down). So pack your sunscreen, wrap up your sarong, prep your Goa Travel Essentials and get ready to add Patnem Beach to your sun-soaked bucket list. Holiday mode is officially on!

Most people come to Patnem Beach just to laze around on a sunbed/hammock and take in the summer breeze or go swimming in the turquoise blue waters. In case you are in a mood to shop, there are a few shops along the road leading up to the beach which sell the usual tourist fare like silver jewelry, hippie clothes, and bags.

Go for a relaxing Yoga in Patnem Beach

Patnem beach is also famous among the foreign crowd because of the numerous Yoga Retreats and Resorts nearby in Palolem. The Bamboo Yoga Retreat in Patnem is one such place which you should try if you love yoga. With healthy food and accommodations provided in bamboo huts, it serves as a perfect place for you to relax and rejuvenate in Goa.  

In case you want to go for a more intensive Yoga Training programs, there is Kranti Yoga Village too nearby.

Go Partying near Patnem Beach

The nightlife in Patnem beach is very minimal to maintain the serenity the place withholds. But you can enjoy live music in the beach shacks and restaurants during the evenings. Many a times you may find, budding artists bringing their instruments and play there. However, If you are looking for parties, we suggest you move further down south to Leopard Valley in Agonda or head to one of the weekly Silent Noise Party in Palolem.

Where to stay – Hotels near Patnem Beach

If cool ocean breezes, salty hair and sun-kissed skin is what you’ve been dying to get, then keep calm coz’ you have just landed on a paradise.

Getting an accommodation in or near Patnem Beach Goa is not a big hurdle that you need to fret about, but just keep in mind the rates of beach huts and cottages that are skyrocketing during the peak tourist season in Goa i.e. OctoberFebruary. In the other months, it’s quite reasonable and easily available too.

Patnem Beach Huts be the best!

A stay on Patnem Beach is best enjoyed from a rustic beach hut. There are plenty of options like Papayas, Sea Front Huts, Salida Del Sol and Bougainvilea Huts. If you want to go for a little more premium, try out Turtle Hill or Cuba.

Feel like exploring further afield? Visit secret Rajbagh Resort a little further down the coast for a more luxurious accommodation near Patnem Beach .

Where to eat – Restaurants near Patnem Beach

At the north end of the beach, Jaali Cafe & Boutique is possibly the most unique restaurant/cafe in Patnem. Their cuisine is refreshingly different and the cocktails are creative. Try out their specials Squids with Almond Taratar & Lime Relish and Coriander Martini. You may thank us later!

Magic View is a good place to dine in if you have a fetish for pizzas and gelatos.

There are a few more good restaurants for you to try out, but they are situated in Palolem which will take around 5-10 minutes from Patnem. When in Palolem, don’t miss Zest for delicious vegetarian & vegan treats, Goan Seafood from Dropadi and European fusion fare at Ourem 88.

Vegan Cafe & Restaurants in Patnem Beach

You thought we’d leave you vegans behind on the hunt for the best food near Patnem? No can do.If you’re a vegan or a big fan of detox food, we suggest you head out to Karma Cafe & Bakery as they whip up some tasty vegan smoothies and salads. Even Nirvana Cafe in Patnem is a hot favourite among the health-conscious diners out there.


Some other vegan cafe near Patnem Beach include Little World for mouthwatering pizzas and vegan breakfast, Blue Planet Cafe in Agonda for a delish Spinach Lasagne and Vegan Chocolate Cake. Another decent place to try your hand at would be Nada Brahma on the road to Palolem.

Being the beach next door to Palolem, Patnem beach is quite an alternative to have a live atmosphere while not getting your private time spoilt by the outpour of tourists.

Are you planning out for a great vacation in Goa and want to explore some new beach spots? Comment below and let us know what would you like to cover next and we will!

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