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Why is Patnem Beach unarguably the best place to be in Goa?

If you ever ask a Goan or any local in Goa to suggest you some peaceful locales in Goa, you’d keep getting multiple options of serene beaches in South Goa. It’s known. Beaches in South Goa are very quiet and beautiful that it gives you the much needed peace of mind in an instant. Once such beach is the Patnem Beach in Goa. As the very popular Palolem Beach’s lesser-known and quieter sibling, Patnem Beach has a whole white sands and crystal clear waters that almost seems untouched. It is hands down one of the most peaceful places to swim, surf and soak up the sun, here in Goa.

Want to know about the attractions, hotels, restaurants and more around this sunshine paradise called Patnem Beach? Let’s dive right in!

How to Reach Patnem Beach in South Goa?

Traveling to Patnem Beach may consume quite a time depending on which day and season you plan on making this trip, because of the unruly traffic.