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Bardez, North Goa | 5 great yoga retreats & teacher training courses

These 5 yoga centres located in Anjuna, Assagao, Saligao & Cana offer everything you're looking for from daily yoga classes to accredited teacher training courses & multi-day wellness retreats. Heading a bit farther north or to the south of Goa? You'll find info on yoga retreats & courses in Pernem, North Goa here, as well as South Goa retreats & courses over here!

Satsanga Retreat | Canca

Satsanga means attaining the highest truth in the company of a Guru. A number of retreats are held here throughout the season on a daily and weekly basis. Located in Canca, this yoga retreat also provides a number of classes but combines European massage techniques as well. This retreat is family run with instructors coming in from around the world and has 17 well maintained rooms with private baths and solar heaters. Ayurvedic meals and therapy is also provided here with a number of other activities. (All photos via Satsanga Retreat's Facebook page)

Bookings & information please call: +91 (0)832 2472823