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Saving Mollem: bringing sustainable tourism to the Western Ghats

By Aishwarya Shah

In classic 2020 style, yet another blow has been dealt to the citizens of Goa as the state furtively cleared three projects that will undoubtedly rupture the socio-ecological integrity of Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary. The projects include four-laning the existing NH-4A highway, and laying a 400KV transmission line, and the proposed doubling of a railway line, all of which cut through protected areas.

The estimated loss of forest cover is about 250 hectares, razing 59,000 trees to the ground and cutting through tiger habitats as well as that of several other wildlife species.

The gravity of the impact should imply that the government spent weeks, even months in talks, discussions and debates, going over every other alternative to the p