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Black Sheep Bistro | Panjim

Bar & Lounge | ‘Globally Inspired, Locally Created’

Having just recently launched, The Black Sheep Bistro has already made quite a splash on Panjim’s wine and dining scene.  Quickly becoming one of the city’s latest go-to spots for anyone in the mood of a stylish and respectable night out. Whether you’re looking for a little taste of gourmet inspired dining or a touch of Goan made differently, BSB is just the spot housed within a chic, well designed and equally relaxing space.

However it wasn’t just the décor and inspiring mix of locally sourced ingredients with their signature spin on old time favourites, creating beautifully presented dishes that caught our attention most, so much as the overall atmosphere they’ve managed to establish within the space.  That laid back, elegant environment paired with the honest and approachable manner they take to running their business make it the kind of place you can’t help but feel at ease in.

And while sitting down with the pair to discuss the concept behind their debut venture since coming back to Goa, it became entirely apparent that their intentions are absolutely in the right place. Bringing with them over 14 years experience within the food and hospitality industries, owners Prahlad and Sabreen Sukhtankar met while completing their studies in Switzerland for Hotel Management before both shifting to Canada to pursue their own respective careers working at the Four Seasons and Shangri-La, Vancouver. However since returning back to Goa, Prahlad’s family home, the two were at a loss for how to incorporate the lifestyle and taste they had acquired abroad into something which would be both sustainable and beneficial to their community here in Goa.

Thus came the idea behind The Black Sheep Bistro. And what is it that makes their company philosophy so different from so many of the other venues across the state?

As Prahlad put it simply, they wanted to open a bar that was of course bustling but most importantly that held a predominantly female presence. The goal being to establish a lounge in Panjim where women of all ages could come and comfortably have a drink on any given night and feel confident to do so.   Their desire to provide a respectable and all the while stylish alternative to the current selection of nightlife options, which currently crowd the states coastal belts and offer little inspiration for those wishing not to associate with the wild weekend crowds coming down for little more than the sun, surf and cheap alcohol. Ultimately designing a space, which more than just offers great food and good service, but which embodies the class and tasteful lifestyle so often lost in the throng of today’s nightlife scene.  The inspiration for which you can read more about in our Summer Project feature where we got their take on not only the taste, but also the art of a good dinning experience.

You can follow The Black Sheep Bistro on Facebook for menu highlights and other updates and be sure to check out their ‘Show Us Your Shake-Face’ Contest for a chance to win a Rs. 1000 gift voucher.

Tasting Highlights | The Asaparagus Cappuccino, a chilled soup served in tiny teacups part of the Summer Set Menu and The Paan a cocktail made of betelnut leaf, anise, gin, vodka, sugar and lime.

Open | Tuesday-Sunday | 12pm – 1 am

Starters for 120-255 | Mains for 290-350 | Cocktails 250

E526 Swami Vivekananda Road | Opp the Old Passport Office | Panjim | Goa 403001

All photos courtesy of Sara Visconti



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