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'Goa's Best Content Creators' Youtuber Kabir Naik shares his top 25 picks for 2020!

With everyone talking about being vocal for local these days, young storyteller Kabir Naik has also decided to show his support and use his film making skills & online presence to share a little love for his fellow content creators in Goa.

Compiling a list of his 25 favourite creatives across Youtube & Instagram, Kabir's video 'Goa's Best Content Creators' provides a quick & easy guide to a range of Goa's emerging & established talent in the field of comedy, travel, music and photography. So with infectious enthusiasm and a humble yet excitable attitude, Kabir's self tilted Youtube channel makes discovering new things in Goa all the more fun!

Let's see what he has to say...

Creators mentioned:


Travel Vloggers


Instagram Creators


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