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Goa Chitra | Museum, Benaulim

Goa Chitra is based in the coastal Goan village of Benaulim. Founded and run by Victor-Hugo Gomes, this museum houses thousands of traditional implements, vessels and tools that evolved over centuries in Goa, and it’s service of farming and other traditional trades.

Goa Chitra is a beautiful museum housing Goa’s oldest and most beautiful artefacts. The artefacts collected here are age old tools used in farming, religious articles, and other tools that aren’t seen today. Goa Chitra has by far the most detailed collection of Goa art and Culture in the state. The collections age from pre-independent Goa, beginning with the original 200 privately collected items, the collections have now grown to more than 4000 objects on display. The museum nevertheless preserves its universality in its collections of artefacts in representing the culture of ancient Goa. The designs of artwork and collections of Goan culture are greatly influenced by the Portuguese culture. The pots and pans of Goa’s yesteryears are also on display. Goa Chitra’s collection includes examples of local pottery, farming tools, musical instruments, ancient carts and palanquins from different eras in the past. Not only do you find tools and machines here but also the major religious artefacts used in older times in Goa.