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Life | Goa, raw & real - Part 1 of 4 by Rahul Nair

Located on the Goan border, Paliem is a tiny beautiful village with lush greenery far and wide.

The village is scarcely populated, with farming and fishing being the major occupation. The place still has a raw ambience, not much harmed by development. Most homes have cows, buffaloes, dogs, cats and hens to complete their families. Apart from fishing and farming, licensed sand extraction from Terekhol river is a major activity in the village.

Photos & words by Rahul Nair


Rahul Nair

Rahul is a wicked Keralite born, Bombay raised, Goa based photographer with a keen eye for the often overlooked.

You can find another of Rahul's short films 'Pilots of Goa' here and while he has only dabbled into the two short films thus far, we have a feeling this is just the beginning of great things to come. Plus, you can find the remainder of this on-going series here:

Part 2 | Fire - from juice to jaggery

Part 3 | Tela Ghanno - cold pressed coconut

Part 4 | Earth - the hands that spin the wheel

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