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Panjim Inn | Fontainhas

Standing tall amidst a cluster of quaint Portuguese buildings in Fontainhas, Panjim Inn is one of the few modern-day remnants of Goa’s intriguing past.

Beyond its crowded beaches and nightclubs, it’s these interiors of Goa – achingly serene and steeped in history – where you get the true taste of the state’s fabled cultural charm. For those of you looking to get a peek into a different side of this state, one that hasn’t been given its proper due in my opinion, go spend time in Fontainhas, the Latin quarter of Panjim. One of the prettiest buildings in this area, which stands out due to its intricate architecture, is Panjim Inn – a place where you can relax, indulge in the nostalgia of days gone by, and ponder the future.

Panjim Inn dates back to the late 19th century when it was built by a member of the local landed gentry. It has been owned by descendants of the same family for over five generations. The attention to detail and the maintenance of authenticity in the display throughout the hotel, from the dining room, which flows effortlessly into an interior courtyard to the unique pieces of furniture in each of the 24 distinctive rooms of the hotel, belie a deep concern for preserving both the building and the distinctive charm of the neighbourhood.

Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the friendly, courteous members of the hotel staff, who showed me to my deluxe room on the first floor. Shortly after I entered my spacious room, which was tastefully adorned with pieces of carved wood furniture with a luxurious four post bed as the centrepiece, I was overcome with a desire to ignore all the work emails that had been piling up and to order a bottle of the finest feni from their vintage restaurant.

To get the true Panjim experience though, I knew I needed to get out of my room (lovely though it might have been) and take a long walk. First, I took a pit stop in the affiliated Gallery Gitanjali to browse through their collection of books whilst sipping on a cup of coffee, and to ponder the art collection – a mix of folk, modern and contemporary Indian Art and post-World War II Scandinavian Art. From there, I wandered through the streets and alleyways of Fontainhas. If you wish to, you can move further towards the Panjim city centre and witness the ongoing hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re hankering for the beach after this, Miramar is a quick cab ride or a hearty walk away.

With the increased restoration and development activity in Panjim, including a bustling restaurant scene, tourists have begun to pay increased attention to the capital of Goa. So I recommend you book a room at the Panjim Inn now you can now proudly tell your friends back in Brooklyn, Shoreditch, the Mission, etc. that you were one of the first!

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Location: 31st January Road, Fontainhas, Panaji

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