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Styled in Goa with Eesha Mayenkar

'Styled in Goa' is a spotlight series on the inspiring & oh so stylish individuals of Goa.

Be it their choice of attire, taste in decor or simply the way in which they move about this world, something about their style that has us asking for more.

Eesha Mayenkar is a Panjim based model who since stepping onto the scene has played the muse to many talented photographers, designers & businesses in Goa.

Spend as much time researching the online / social media world of Goa as we do and you'll start to recognize a face or two. So it comes as no surprise we took notice of Eesha's recurring presence across our feed. Be it a campaign with local clothing brands & boutique hotels or a street style photoshoot with friends & some of Goa's most promising young talents...

Every image of Eesha's carries with it a seemingly effortless style & grace.

Shot for: @syne.coutinho by @mehak_singhal, Youth Hostel skatepark by @swanky_hoax & @arun_halankar95

How long have you been modelling & how did you get in the industry to begin with?

My love for fashion has been there since childhood. I used to always play dress up as a kid, would just keep  mixing and matching clothes & accessories to make different looks, that's when my mother noticed it & at the age of 7 entered my name for a "Child Model Hunt". I really liked the experience and then further on it became a hobby. Back then I had no idea it would turn out to be a part of my profession.

I've studied Fashion Design in Mumbai from the L.S Raheja Institute and 3 years after coming back to Goa I started getting offers for shoots and modelling projects & I just went on with it.

Shot for: @zaiagoa by @kee_dinesh, @stephanydsouza & @theravelengthofficial

by @rebecca.dcosta78

How would you say Goa has influenced your personal style?

Goa is a lot of things for various people. It is known for its mesmerizingly beautiful locations, the relaxed nature of the people around & dazzling nightlife.

It's one place filled with a multitude of things, that's what makes it one of a kind.

Goa depicts my personal style to be diverse but at the same time keeping it simple, creative and divinely inspired.

Photo by @swanky_hoax

Can you tell us about some of your favourite past photoshoot locations and the designers you've loved working with in Goa?


Goa is filled with amazing places and an abundance of talent. It has been a different and fun filled experience with each and everyone I've worked with.

Megny Fernandes was the first designer I shot for during my internship days with him right after I finished college. Since then, I've had the opportunity to shoot for many more amazing designers such as Syne, Akxada Counto, Stephany Dsouza, & a jewellery brand named Manifest designs.

Shooting in any corner of Goa is always an amazing experience. The resorts here are so pretty, especially a few boutique hotels like Prainha Resort & Amrapali House of Grace.

Shot for: @akxadacounto by @rebecca.dcosta78, photo by @rahuldecunhapictures with hair & makeup by @hairsprayandtheartist, @syne.coutinho by @mehak_singhal

Given the past two months of lockdown, what have you been working on? Any interesting projects coming up?

These past two months I've been deconstructing old clothes & stitching them up differently in a completely different look. I also spent time designing & making face masks for friends and family. I shot some outfit pictures in my locality during the lockdown and am now working on some exciting new projects with other artists and brands that you'll see soon.

Shot for: @houseoffret by @rebecca.dcosta78 & @akxadacounto by @iakankshaa

Who inspires you? Any interesting individuals from Goa you'd recommend others to check out?

I am very grateful to be surrounded by great people who keep me going & seeking inspiration in every detail. Few friends & people who I admire and are amazing at what they do are:

Shruti Haldankar, Saili Palyekar, Amar Ojha, Jigyasa Malhotra. As for photographers there is Jovel Fernandes, Arun Halankar & Rebecca D'costa.

And is there a story behind the name: @adhunik_world?

When I sat down to brainstorm, we came up with various words from which I asked my mother to translate a few into Hindi & Marathi, that's when the word Adhunik hit us.

I wanted a name which would remain forever, something easy, simple and impactful to be remembered.

For more style inspiration, be sure to follow Eesha on Instagram @adhunik_world.

You can also find more from our 'Styled in Goa' series in our last Q&A with graphic designer & fashion enthusiast Saili Palyekar.

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