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Styled in Goa with Saili Palyekar

'Styled in Goa' is a spotlight series on the inspiring & oh so stylish individuals of Goa.

Be it their choice of attire, taste in decor or simply the way in which they move about this world, something about their style that has us asking for more.

Born and raised in Panjim, Saili Palyekar is an all round creative who's eye for design is hard to ignore.

We stumbled upon Saili's Instagram page @thepetitediaries_ sometime back and were immediately drawn to her well curated street style fashion & lifestyle infused feed. Yet it was when we wound up on her Behance portfolio and discovered her illustrated Guide to Authentic Goan Food that we decided to reach out to learn more about her work and our deepened appreciation for her personal & professional style truly began.

Now based in Bombay after four years of Design School in Bangalore, we were curious to find out how growing up in Goa has played a role in shaping her aesthetic.

Photo by @yash_kamat

What interested you in pursuing design as a profession & where did you study?

I’ve always been into some form of art. Growing up, I was surrounded by artists in my family - painters, hairstylists, musicians, designers, photographers, writers, you name it. It was only natural for me to gravitate towards hobbies that allowed me to explore my inherent creative streak - be it art and design, dancing, or fashion. As I grew older I decided to pursue my love for the arts professionally.

I studied Information Arts and Design Practices at Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, Bengaluru, and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Creative Arts.

Photos by @thepetitediaries_ & @dwanigee15

How would you say Goa has influenced your personal style?

Every nook in Goa has a colour story like none other and every frame is picturesque. The Portuguese influence in architecture, the textures of azulejos, terrazzo, terracotta, cane, the abundance of nature, and the cultural vibrancy provides a plethora of inspiration.

I’m also a cartoonist and Mario Miranda was the first artist whose work I was influenced by as a kid.


Your Instagram is very well curated - can you tell us about some of your favourite past photoshoots, locations & brands in Goa?

Being a visual communication designer, I wanted my Instagram profile to be an amalgamation of fashion and graphic design. No two ideas are the same, no two brands are the same and I wanted to create a different visual experience for each project that I shot or styled.

Goa is inundated with locations for shoots. There’s something new every time I come down - murals, cafes, beaches, parks.

Panjim in itself is a vast and versatile backdrop that can be manipulated to look light and tropical yet robust at the same time. My first ever shoot was in Fontainhas back in 2015 and it'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Brands in Goa that I’m currently eyeing: Terravida, PeopleTree, Ikat Story, Karma Collection, Freedom Tree, Studio Tia

Photos by @antheairaphotography & @yash_kamat

What are you currently working on - do you have any interesting projects coming up?

At the risk of sounding Esoteric, I’ve been finding lockdown to be a blessing in disguise.

At a design front - I’ve been learning a lot in the software department, something that a busy college life and a day job didn’t allow me to. I’m trying to broaden my horizon with 3D visualization and Animation and revisiting traditional drawing, painting, sewing, and cooking!

On the fashion front, unfortunately, all my things are tucked away in Bombay, while I find myself locked down (fortunately) in Goa with a few sets of Pyjamas to my rescue! However, I am looking forward to a few high concept shoots that I'm planning with a friend in Goa. 

Photo by @yash_kamat

Who inspires you? Any interesting individuals from Goa you would recommend others to check out?

I find inspiration in the most notorious places. A supermarket, hoarding, or a corner of my house. However, it goes without saying that fellow designers and their work published online are key motivators.

I won’t shy from naming my friends in the Goa blogging and photography community - Nyeree, Jigyassa, Akio these guys have been doing a fab job and I’m envious of their consistency. Yash Kamat and Saish Dessai are fantastic photographers and videographers.

I also look up to Anjali Mody, Smriti ChoudharyShveta Salve and Rhea Gupte who’re doing extremely inspiring work in their respective industries in Goa.


For more style inspiration, be sure to follow Saili on Instagram & Behance.

Not to mention, for anyone interested in learning more about local Goan cuisine & where to find it, be sure to check our article on Saili's illustrated Guide to authentic Goa food here!

More from our 'Styled in Goa' series coming soon!


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