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Sundays at MOG | Free talks & inspiring art at Museum of Goa, Pilerne

I have very found memories of my Sundays as a child. Waking up late and spending the better part of the day in my pyjamas watching cartoons with a giant bowl of cereal in my lap. As an adult, I still savour my weekends to very last drop. Only my Sunday morning routine has evolved as a result. I no longer sleep late and instead wake early with the sun. I've swapped out my patterned pyjamas for silk tops & linen trousers, my cereal for oat milk lattes & smoothie bowls, and my all day cartoons for gallery visits, artists talks & indie films.

Thankfully in Goa this practice is not at all difficult to uphold & why a Sunday spent at MOG couldn't be more perfect.

Paintings by Chandrakant Kerkar

& MOG's 4th floor exhibition 'Histories of Goa'

Not only is the Museum of Goa one of the largest contemporary art spaces in India, housing the works of Goan & International artists across 4 floors with both permanent & visiting collections, but every Sunday at 11:30am they also host a weekly lecture series in their onsite auditorium.