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Sundays at MOG | Free talks & inspiring art at Museum of Goa, Pilerne

I have very found memories of my Sundays as a child. Waking up late and spending the better part of the day in my pyjamas watching cartoons with a giant bowl of cereal in my lap. As an adult, I still savour my weekends to very last drop. Only my Sunday morning routine has evolved as a result. I no longer sleep late and instead wake early with the sun. I've swapped out my patterned pyjamas for silk tops & linen trousers, my cereal for oat milk lattes & smoothie bowls, and my all day cartoons for gallery visits, artists talks & indie films.

Thankfully in Goa this practice is not at all difficult to uphold & why a Sunday spent at MOG couldn't be more perfect.

Paintings by Chandrakant Kerkar

& MOG's 4th floor exhibition 'Histories of Goa'

Not only is the Museum of Goa one of the largest contemporary art spaces in India, housing the works of Goan & International artists across 4 floors with both permanent & visiting collections, but every Sunday at 11:30am they also host a weekly lecture series in their onsite auditorium.

Free & open to the public, MOG's 'Sunday Talks' are both inspiring & informative.

"The programme strives to bring the finest minds to the people of Goa. Hosting eminent artists, scholars and activists, who speak on subjects close to their heart."

For updates on upcoming talks tune into their facebook event page here

You'll find examples of past events below >>

Founded by renowned Goan artist Dr. Subodh Kerkar & designed by Goan architect, Dean D’cruz in 2015, the Museum of Goa also houses a cafe and gallery shop selling unique art objects, design products, postcards & more.

So one really can fit a full day's outing into one!

Above works from MOG's permanent exhibition 'Histories of Goa'

Artworks by founder Dr. Subodh Kerkar

PAO by Pradeep Naik & other works from the Oct/Nov show 'Into the Vault'

on view until Dec 5th, 2019

Apart from their regular programming, MOG also plays host to the annual Goa Affordable Art Festival due to open December 14th, 2019 and show until February, 2020.


MOG - Museum of Goa

Contact | +91 7722089666

Hours | Monday to Sunday 10am - 6pm


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