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Gluten free in Goa

Get to know the best cafes, restaurants, grocery shops and other such eateries offering great gluten free options and ingredients in Goa.

However before we dive into the best places to eat, it's important to note that Indian and Goan cuisine, in and of itself is predominantly gluten free. Apart from the staple side portion of pao or poi (Goan bread), chapati, naan, roti, etc, there are very few dishes which actually contain gluten. Plus there is no end to the amount of rice you can find to accompany your mains, curries, thalis and other such meals. Therefore, if you simply ask to skip the bread and avoid battered or rawa (semolina) fried fish, calamari or prawns, dishes such as manchurian (an Indo-Chinese dish made of battered and fried veg or meat balls), kofta (another indian dish made of battered veg, paneer or meat dumplings), samosas, etc, you're more or less in the clear to try just about everything. You can easily ask your server for plain grilled fish / seafood when available. Even when it comes to a kofta dish it's worth asking as it may be made purely of gram (chickpea) flour. Otherwise, look for restaurants serving South Indian specialities such as dosas, idlis, idliappams, appams, uttapams, etc. All of which are made from a base of fermented lentil & rice flour. And for those craving crispy or deep fried snacks and sides, pakoras and papadums also provide a great alternative and are made with a batter of either black lentil or chickpea flour as well.

Now, given the above information, it would seem no restaurant is off limits. However if you are celiac, crumbs and contamination can be a real issue. So while these are not the only options, the following are suggested places that do go the extra mile to clearly state their gluten free options and alternatives. In addition, the folks at CeliacTravel.com have some great resources including this downloadable gluten free restaurant card in Hindi.

Gluten free restaurants in Goa