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Jaadugar by Srijan

Artist Highlight | In conversation with Srijan Jha

After catching our attention with his recent mural art outside the Panjim boutique Sacha’s Shop, we couldn’t help but want to learn more about the young artist.  Currently making rounds in Goa with his unique style of elaborate doodles and whimsical depictions of life’s finer moments. And while he may be new to the scene, Srijan Jha is certainly not wasting any time in getting noticed.

We were first introduced to the intricate works of Jaadugar by Srijan this past December when he held his first solo stall at the Paper Boat Collective’s Pop-Up Christmas Bazaar in Sangolda.  Setting up shop again in March for their second pop-up in collaboration with the Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, it was obvious we weren’t the only ones enjoying his work. And so instead of simply admiring his art from afar, we felt it was time to get in touch with Srijan ourselves and find out just what brought him to Goa and where he goes in search of inspiration.

Having grown up with his family in Bhopal, often picking up and traveling out of state for his father’s work, Srijan had always found a means of expression through his art. Studying fashion design at the Symbiosis Institute of Design in Pune, it was only in the past year that he made the move to Goa and shifted to pursuing painting full time.  Initially coming here to work alongside a past classmate on her new clothing line, he quickly found himself relating less to the glamour and high fashion lifestyle of the gowns he was designing and leaning more towards the laid back, organic lifestyle he’d discovered in Goa.

This along with the fact that the cost of living in Goa was so much less than the other metros he’d previously been working in, the possibility of pursuing his own art as a profession became much more attainable.  Stating that unlike in so many other places, in Goa you can actually take a chance on the things you want to do.  Making it incredibly liberating as a city and as a space for young artists to experiment and gain their footing in the industry.

Referring to Goa as the perfect place for creatives because it truly gives you that space and that time to reflect and develop your style as an artist. Something which has always been incredibly personal to him, describing his style of intricate detailing as a visual retelling of his own stories. Reliving each memory and capturing the emotions of each candid moment life has thrown at him as he fills the page with tiny scribbles.

And so as of this year, Srijan is focusing solely on his painting.  Hosting the occasional stall at pop-ups and markets, or taking on small jobs such as branding, designing logos, business cards and event invites for others.  Learning to adapt his own signature style into any variety of new mediums and techniques.   Essentially making enough from these odd jobs to spend the rest of his time simply exploring and enjoying life.  Sitting for hours sipping tea on his patio and just thinking, not rushing everyday to start painting but rather allowing himself that vacuum of time to simply empty before jumping into the next idea or up-coming project.

Srijan’s go to places to pass away the days while dreaming up the next series of artworks to then translate onto paper?

A quiet table outside La Plage on Ashwem beach, a slow ride along the ocean into Mandrem or a corner spot overlooking the courtyard at Sunaparanta while indulging on cupcakes from the Bodega Cafe.  Otherwise you’ll find him at his printer’s shop or hanging out at the Paper Boat Collective working on one of his latest pieces or wrapping up one of the many collaborative projects he’s recently taken on.

The latest of which being a collection of illustrations for Saimah Shaikh‘s newest lookbook pictured above, along with a few creative restorations of personal photographs and of course a mural here and there.

As for any further artwork inquiries, purchases and commissions, best to contact Srijan directly through his Facebook page or on etsy.  Here you’ll also find a gallery with all of his latest works and past projects along with any updates on upcoming collaborations. All of which we’re sure to be seeing more of.

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