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Our favourite cafes & coffee shops in Goa this season

Chosen purely for the quality of their beans, the smooth delicious flavour of their brews and overall ambience that they offer, here's the list of our top picks for your daily caffeine kick in Goa.

Photo by @lucyfdes7

Blue Tokai | Panjim

Definitely a team favourite, the Blue Tokai cafe in Panjim is our safe haven on a busy day. We've been hooked ever since they started showing up with coffee carts at selected events and we're beyond thrilled when the company finally set up shop in our fair Goa. It's small front room is kept cool in the heat but fills up fast whereas its little back courtyard is perfect in Goa's cooler climate. Making it the ideal spot for a meeting, a quiet moment to yourself, or an afternoon catch up with friends. Not at all what you would expect to find stepping into the little back lane behind the Panjim Post Office. Plus, if you're in the north, they recently opened a second location at The Project Cafe Goa, Assagao.