• sonja@goa

Why December is the best month to visit Goa as an artist or art enthusiast!

Goa is always buzzing with creative energy. However if there's one time of year to truly experience Goa's artistic vibes at their best, it's December.

Thanks to such heavy hitters as the annual Goa Arts & Literature Festival & the Serendipity Arts Festival, one of the largest multi-disciplinary arts initiatives in the South Asian region captured in the video below, the month of December has in many ways become the unofficial ambassador for the arts in Goa.

As a result and knowing the crowds will already be in town, countless other small & large events have begun to pop up throughout the state as local galleries and artist groups time their own exhibitions & events accordingly. Thus making it one of the most exciting & inspiring times to visit. However with that comes the often overwhelming task of planning out your social calendar. Deciding which events to attend and which to forgo as so many are happening all at the same time.

But fear not, as no matter how many events or showings you attend, we guarantee your time here in Goa will not disappoint. December's sun, sand &