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Create your own art crawl | Goa's best art galleries, museums & creative spaces

For any art lover coming to Goa, the best time to visit is by far the month of December. As this is when the incredible, multidisciplinary Serendipity Art Festival comes to town. Mid month the entire city of Panjim, Goa's capital, is transformed into a living, breathing art exhibition with gallery shows, performances, street fairs, and the likes popping up all over the city. However, that's not to say that the rest of the year is a dull, artless wasteland. No, no, to the contrary in fact. Goa is forever bursting with creativity, only there is never another time of year when it is so conveniently clustered all together. Goa's best art galleries, museums, studios and spaces are instead strewn about the state. A little here, a little there. Making it difficult to see it all in one full swoop but indeed possible to find a little something no matter where you are.

So, whatever it is you are looking for - the year's largest A-lister exhibitions, a community or independent art show, an indie film screening, historical museum or traditional Goan home, an art shop selling the work of local artists or an afternoon of street art - Goa is the place that has it all. (Map included below)

Museums in Goa

Goa Chitra | Benaulim

Family run museum showcasing traditional Goan farming implements and many other everyday antiques. 9am to 6pm Monday to Sunday.

First of it's kind in Asia, this museum is dedicated to showcasing and sharing "Indian influenced Portuguese Christian art". Closed for restorations - reopening 31st January, 2020.

Spend any amount of time in Goa and you'll be amazed at the diversity of architecture across the state. And so, a museum dedicated solely to the array of gorgeous Goan homes seems only natural. Open 10am to 7:30pm Monday to Sunday.

Home of the iconic Goan illustrator & artist, Mario Miranda. A museum, gallery and shop space celebrating Mario's signature style and a lifetime of work. Open 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm on Saturday and closed Sundays.

A digital documentation of grand Goan homes. A brilliant project brought to life by the lovely folks at Beard Design.

Moda Goa Museum & Research Centre | Colvale (opening Dec. 2019)

An ode to Goa and all things fashion, textiles & craft, this soon to launch museum & research centre is the work of the great Goan designer, Wendell Rodricks.

Goa's largest ancestral home, the Menezes Braganza house was built in the 17th century and is open to the public 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Sunday.

Yet another gorgeous grand old home which has been graciously converted into a museum & heritage hotel. Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday, unless you're booked in as a guest of course.

This 18th century home is also open to the public for viewing and offers an automated light & audio tour. Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Big Foot Goa | Loutolim

An educational centre for the preservation of Goan art, culture and environment. Open 9am to 6pm Monday to Sunday.

Art Galleries in Goa

Museum of Goa | Pilerne

A private contemporary art space in Pilerne's industrial estates, this museum cum gallery & event space was created by renowned Goan artist Subodh Kerkar. A celebration of all things art in Goa, this space not only houses the works of great Goan artists but supports and promotes all things creative coming to Goa. Open 10am to 6pm Monday to Sunday, open later on event & performance nights.

Sunaparanta | Altinho, Panjim

The city's beautiful hill top gallery, set amidst a grand Goan home, Sunaparanta showcases revolving exhibitions across its many rooms as well as hosting weekly events, movie nights, workshops and more. The space also includes the lovely open air garden cafe, Bodega. Open 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays.

Gitanjali Art Gallery | Fontainhas, Panjim

A charming gallery showcasing local & international art set amidst two separate spaces, the Panjim Pousada and the Panjim People's. Both are found in the back lanes of Fontainhas across the road and adjacent to the Panjim Inn heritage hotel. Open 9am to 1:20pm - 2pm to 6pm Monday to Sunday.

Kala Academy | Panjim

The city's central cultural space, Kala Academy is made up of several auditoriums, gallery spaces, a large outdoor space and garden, a cafe & canteen and houses everything from theatre performances and community art shows to large scale conferences and events. Open 9:30am to 1:15pm - 2pm to 5:45pm Monday to Friday, closed on weekends unless hosting specific conferences & events.

Cube Gallery | Moira

A private contemporary art gallery set in the charming little village of Moira. Celebrating the radical, local and contemporary, Cube gallery puts as much attention into the detail of its space as it does into the curation of its exhibiting artists and artworks. Open 11am to 6pm Wednesday to Sunday, closed Monday & Tuesday.

Art Chamber | Calangute

Opened in 1997, Art Chamber was created to promote the work of local Goan and Goa based artist, however today also houses international artists as well. The space also hosts classical music soirees, wherein guests can come listen to owner Rudolf Ludwig play piano every Friday night at 7:30pm for free.

Second to the original Project Cafe in Ahmedabad, this space brings together the best of art, design, food, lifestyle, travel & more. Set in one of Assagaos grand Goan homes, the Project Cafe Goa houses regular art exhibitions and pop-up events in addition to its restaurant & Blue Tokai coffee room, shop spaces, poolside guesthouse and gardens. Open daily 8am to 11pm.

Carpe Diem | Majorda

A beautiful, calm and creative space tucked away in the village of Marjoda, South Goa. Carpe Diem is a wonderful place to not only view art, but also create works of your own. A gallery, cafe, ceramic studio and workshop space perfect for an afternoon on your own or a day out with family and friends. Open 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed Mondays.

Occupying a beautifully restored home just off the main street in Varca, the Shashi Art Balcao is a gallery that aims to support and showcase any and all art forms so long as they come with "a unique twist" of their own. Open 11am to 7pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed Mondays.

Fundação Oriente | Fontainhas, Panjim

This gallery was established in 1995 with the aims of sustaining and strengthening cultural ties between Indian and Portugal. Open 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, closed Sundays.

Studio Arpora | Arpora

The private gallery, studio and shop front of resident artists and mother & daughter duo, Shireen Mody and Saffron Wiehl. Swing by for beautiful artworks, postcards, silk scarves and other colourfully printed objects. Open 10:30am to 7pm Monday to Sunday.

A small and modest gallery space right on the main road in Vagator, not far from Jungle Hostel and Mango Tree restaurant. This space plays hosts to numerous local and visiting artists throughout the year. Open 10am to 10pm Tuesday to Sunday, closed Mondays.

Mario Miranda Shop & Galleries | Locations across Goa

The best place to find all things Mario Miranda and stock up on souvenirs of Goa in the form of quirky posts cards, printed cups, bowls, tiles and t-shirts. Locations in Panjim, Porvorim (above mentioned museum), Calangute, Margao, Benaulim, and the Bambolim airport. Opening hours specific to location.

Community Art Groups & Spaces in Goa

Just as the name describes, this charming little village studio provides a space for any and all create ideas to find home in Goa. Part open air gallery, part cafe & performance space, the Village Studio also offers two rooms available on rent through airbnb, as well as hosting regular weekly and monthly events, workshops and more.

Part of the Vaayu Village community, a water sports school, health food cafe & eco-conscious guesthouse in Mandrem, the Vision Collective is "a collaborative support system for artists to develop, manifest, and communicate their visionary work." As a result they hosts regular artists residencies, art exhibitions, workshops and other such creative activities within their space. You'll find everything you need about past or upcoming residencies and events through their website.

A non-profit organization and collective of contemporary artists in Goa creating and organizing art exhibitions, events & activities. Definitely worth tuning into their facebook page to see if anything is on while you're in town.

An artists group based in Mapusa organizing exhibitions and opportunities for local artists to share and showcase their work. Stay tuned to their facebook page to find out when and where they are exhibiting.

Artjuna | Anjuna

This well known Anjuna cafe, shop and event spaces often houses works of local and visiting artists, hosts regular activities for all ages and does a lot support (and feed) Goa's creative community. Best tune in to their facebook events page for more information.

A co-working space set in a beautiful old home in the village of Merces. Open to all art forms, hosting regular workshops, seminars, exhibitions and residencies with on-site cafe. Keep an eye on their facebook page for upcoming events.

Goa's first artist only hostel, ImagiNation hosts travellers to their space upon application, as volunteers or through one of their month long Writers' Retreats. Check out their website. to find out how to book a stay of your own.

An eco-conscious and artfully organized restaurant, gallery and guesthouse. Found on a beautiful estate in Sangolda, Saraya not only supports the arts and creative expression, but puts equal focus on sustainable food and permaculture. Stay in the loop and see what they have coming up next via their facebook page.

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