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Goa.me Guide: How to make working from home work for you!

With the COVID-19 lockdown extended from March 22nd to mid May, working from home has quickly become the only way to get things done. Not only for now, but likely into the future as well as more and more businesses are forced to reevaluate their internal structuring to accommodate this new global reality. However this isn't necessarily a bad thing!

As creators of Goa.me, we've been working remotely for nearly a decade and while we certainly miss the collective energy of our favourite co-work cafes & spaces in Goa, we also know just how beneficial a working from home relationship can be. When done right, of course.

So how to make working from home work for you?

By creating this guide, we not only want to give you tips & tricks on how to build an at home routine that works for you but also provide real life examples of interesting & inspiring individuals who've mastered the art of working remotely and who've taken steps to make the most of the situation they're in.

So instead of simply listing our own suggestions, we reached out to a number of small business owners, freelancers, artists & entrepreneurs and asked them to give you their number one tips on how to build a successful working from home routine.

Here's what they had to say!

1. Accept the situation that you are in...