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Creating during COVID-19: on valuing the arts

By Aishwarya Shah

A freeze frame of 2020 is a most peculiar one as it reveals the first ever plague of the digitalised era. What that has meant is that ‘accessibility’ in the arts has taken on a new meaning even as quarantine limited everyone to their household bubbles. Museums worldover put together virtual tours, magazines released issues digitally for free, bands took to live streaming their performances, and actors, poets and writers collaborated to bring free readings to your screen.

Even as death tolls were rising, the curve refused to flatten and anxieties flared, art continued to be the manna that made life liveable.

'Home' by @anirban_ghosh for DesignFightsCOVID.com, 'Lonely Residents' by @kedar_dk & work from home scenes via @_rahul.dsouza_

Goa creates even in lockdown